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Assessment at Cornerstone Schools is rigorous and robust and used very effectively to fine-tune the next stages in children’s learning. At it’s lightest-touch, through high-quality conversations with children, through observations, looking in books and providing feedback and marking. Quizes are used across the curriculum to check how children are developing their subject knowledge and ensuring it is transferred to their long-term memory. More formally, we use termly summative assessments in maths, reading, writing, grammar and spelling to help children to embed knowledge.

Staff use evidence from teacher assessment and summative assessments very effectively to inform termly pupil progress meetings. The SENCo who is also the Lead for Vulnerable Pupils leads these meetings alongside the Assessment Lead to ensure all staff are sharply focused on the progress and attainment of all pupils and especially our Pupil Premium children. Barriers to learning and gaps in learning are identified and interventions and support are put in place very quickly to enable all children to flourish from their differing starting points.

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