Art & Design

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Art & Design

Our rich and varied curriculum offers endless opportunities for art work in all its creative forms.

Through stimulating topics and meaningful learning questions, children are encouraged to explore themselves and the world around them with artistic eyes. At KS1 children are immersed in both open-ended and purposeful mark-making opportunities, with emphasis on process rather than product. By KS2, each child begins to explore and refine their mark-making using a personal sketch book to record thoughts, ideas, scribbles and marks that are meaningful to them.

Carefully planned learning activities ensure children develop a firm foundation of artistic skills and knowledge, giving them the confidence to explore and seek out their own creative directions. When it is meaningful to do so, art activities are linked holistically to the whole school topic, however some topics are taught discretely to ensure consistent curriculum coverage and skill progression.

Children are inspired by a stimulating range of paintings, sculpture and other artistic forms, from a diverse range of cultures, including great masters and contemporary experimentalists. Emphasis is put on helping children to develop a thoughtful, artistic and critical vocabulary when observing artforms and expressing their personal preferences.

Scheme of Work

To ensure high quality provision and progression of skills and knowledge, we follow the ‘Splash Primary Art’ scheme of work at KS1 ( which is carefully woven through our long term curriculum to ensure children’s artistic learning has depth, purpose and meaning.

Click here to see our Four Year curriculum  for art.

Art Four Year Rolling Plan


Creative expression through the arts is a powerful tool to promote a sense of self-worth, identity and positive emotional health. Wherever possible, art is used to support the social, moral, spiritual and cultural curriculum, as well as act as a therapeutic tool to support our special needs children or those struggling with mental health conditions.

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