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Spirituality at Cornerstones

Developing children’s awareness of their own nature and innate sense of place in the world begins in their earliest years at our schools. From the youngest age, we endeavour to nurture children’s spiritual development through engaging in playful curiosity and encouraging expression of feelings of delight and wonder. These moments are embedded through our wider curriculum themes (see our curriculum page), however, we also encourage space for spontaneity and collective joy, such as leaving the classroom to run in a rainstorm, delight in the first snowflake of the year or notice the goose-bumps that ripple through us when a favourite song is sung in collective worship.

As our children grow and develop a deeper spiritual understanding and awareness of their relationship with themselves and others, we encourage them to ask searching questions about their personal beliefs and values, and reflect on their emotional responses, feelings and behaviours. Children’s spiritual development is aligned closely to their moral, cultural and social development (see SMSC on Teaching and Learning page), and integral to this is cultivating children’s ability to empathise with others, including those with different viewpoints, communities and faiths.

We recognise that spirituality can be challenging to define, and its meaning is often personal and individualised. For this reason, we aim to provide a rich and diverse curriculum of learning experiences, founded in sensitive conversations and ambitious vocabulary, that open children’s mindsets about the abundance and beauty of life, their understanding of suffering and pain, and how to express their own, unique spiritual understanding of the world for themselves.

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